I dealt with bullies more than a few times in my life. I’m sure we all have. But generally I was quickly known as someone to leave alone.

Why? Because I had zero problems slinging insults back at bullies if ignoring them didn’t work. And if they laid a hand on me or one of my friends? I had zero qualms about physically getting involved. And I knew how to fight. I laid out kids twice my size a couple times.

My dad was a cop, and while he didn’t WANT me fighting, he always told me two things, and these became mantras. One was “Keep getting up. No matter how many times they knock you down, keep getting up. Eventually your tenacity will scare them off.” and the other was “Bullies are the most skittish, fragile people you will meet. Put them down once, and they won’t come around again.”

This turned out to be quite true, as the neighborhood bullies got put down once, and decided I was to be avoided.

Really, bullies don’t change as they age. They usually just become mentally abusive instead of physically. And a strong will is often enough to keep them at bay.

Negative energy is a bully, and people who carry it around/thrive on it/inflict it on everyone they can, are bullies. The thing about bullies is that they will go after what they perceive to be an easy target.

If you don’t look like an easy target, because you’re awesome and you know it – and you give zero fucks what other people think – you are going to be pretty unappealing to bullies. It will take too much of their energy to bring you down, and there is a chance it will get turned around on them (their greatest fear.)

While there is no fool-proof way to keep negative people away from you, and their commentary out of your sphere, there is something about your Inner Bad Bitch that is a bit of a turn off for them.

And of course there will be the occasional bully who is going to step up their game and see you as a challenge to be met, and you’ll have to deal with that as it comes.

But for the most part, being in touch with your Higher Self, and having your Inner Bad Bitch looking out at the world while the world looks at her is enough to keep the negativity bullies off your ass. Simply because you’re too much awesome for them to overcome.

How many less bullies would the world have if we could all get into the zone with our IBB? I wonder if we could eliminate them altogether.

If you’d like to get immersed with your IBB and see how much negative energy she can deflect just by being herself, head over to the 30-Day Immersion page and see what I’ve got waiting for you! (Click here!)