Right now I’m going to give you the big reason why you don’t want to go down this rabbit hole. I’m going to honestly tell you why you SHOULD NOT get in touch with that part of yourself.


Because it is easier to survive without Her.

This sounds stupid and convoluted doesn’t it? Especially coming from me. But I’m serious. It’s easier to survive without stepping into your Higher Self.

But you will never thrive. Never.

The thing is, when you don’t know your Inner Bad Bitch – your Higher Self – you can kind of just do whatever it takes to get by. When you walk into a room of people, you can adjust to who they are. When you go clothes shopping, you can make decisions based on who you think you are and who you think you should be.

You can turn it up or tone it down. You can lean a little more left or right. You can smile, nod, and make shit up as you go. This is easier, and it is how we have been taught to survive in this world.

Once you know who you really are because your Inner Bad Bitch has shown you clearly, there is no going back. It’s impossible to really play small anymore, because you’ve been introduced to who you could be. You’ve been given a glimpse into your fabulous future, and shit in the here-and-now is going to feel pale in comparison.

You also have to cast off notions you have about yourself that are fiction. And a lot of us wear those notions like an old coat. It isn’t pretty, and it smells a little off, but it’s comfy and comforting and what we know.

My notion for years was that I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t fit in anywhere because I couldn’t define myself. It was angsty and dark, and it was comfortable.

Once I met up with Tempest . . . that went out the window. Just now in my kitchen I was thinking about that, and it tried to envelop me again “I don’t know who I am! I’m this fluid entity that doesn’t fit anywhere!” but it didn’t work. It doesn’t fit any longer.

Because I DO know who I am. I’m a work in progress, sure. We all are until we leave this plane of existence. But I know who I am in this moment and what I’m supposed to be doing, and I am no longer capable of escaping back into that pitiful place because I know better. I’m too big for it now.

I am a supreme creatress who creates her own space to fill. I don’t need to fit in anywhere else, so why be bothered by it? And you know what? Once I owned that, I actually found myself fitting in MORE places.

Not being yourself fully keeps you from truly finding your people. It keeps you isolated. You Inner Bad Bitch knows how to find the people who are going to love and support you, and who you can be yourself with.

But she is not going to allow you to hang onto that old coat. As soon as she’s in the picture it’s going in the garbage. A lot of people are not ready for that.

At the same time, how do you allow yourself to keep wearing it when you know there is something so much better out there? How do you keep playing the chameleon game when you know you’re actually a fucking jaguar?

I sure as fuck can’t.

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