Winter Solstice.

For many people, these two words evoke something powerful. There is a Turning, a Shift here, and it is both exhilarating and terrifying, just like any other shift.

For me, when I think of Winter Solstice and close my eyes, I see frost-covered ground and standing stones. Torch-light dancing across the scene as we all wait quietly for the sun to come again. I can almost guarantee I know which life this image comes from, and it was a very, very, VERY long time ago.

So why this continued reverence? Why does this day still touch me, deep inside what almost feels like my own frozen core – beckoning, asking my magick to stretch toward the dawn and see that the long dark cold spell is over, and we’re once more hurtling into the rebirth of the world around us?

Whatever the reason, this day has power. It’s a day to taste the sunshine, even if only for a moment, because it’s so short, and savor it. It’s a night to steep yourself in your own mysteries and to ask the powers that thrive there what’s next. To ask the goddess what she would have of you in the coming year, and to whisper to her what you want to create.

To me, this is a time to impregnate the goddess with your desires and wishes, so that they can grow each day with the sunlight. Lengthening. Strengthening. Your intentions can have a head start on even the crocuses, and why wouldn’t you give them that?

I also think that this is why my new Mars talisman arrived today. (Hence the seemingly random pic of myself!) Mars, the god of strength, lust, male fertility, and battle. A complicated energy that I’ve fallen into working with, almost accidentally, and on this day when I feel like the Universe is ready to take my plans and make them grow, this talisman comes to me.

Coincidence? Hell no. Synchronicity of the highest order. Opportunity abounds right now.

This feels like the new year to me. This is when everything comes alive again with the rising of the sun and renews.

I don’t entirely understand this feeling, but I don’t have to. It’s what feels right down in my soul, and so I heed its calling.

I don’t know what I’m doing, but I do it anyway.

I don’t have a plan past imparting my dreams to the deities like so many seeds to the ground, and then waiting to see what rises from my efforts.

What I DO have is my Higher Self. Tempest is the one who leans into all of this with utter confidence and says “We say this. We do this. We know how to make this happen.”

My relationship with Tempest, and my journey in integrating her has taken leaps this year, even though an unexpected pregnancy and new baby has thrown me through a loop in more ways than one.

I am grateful to know how to touch my HS, and how to work her into my daily life. I’m grateful to be able to help others find this as well. Its powerful work, and the kind of thing that flourishes day by day, just like the sun after Solstice.

One of my biggest intentions that I’m giving to the Mars energy and letting him carry into the dark, fertile space of the goddess, is showing more women the way to their HS this year. I see so much need for it in the world as things seems to be imploding on a daily basis.

This is leaving room for everything to be redesigned, and what the world needs as we come back into the sunlight is women (and men) who know their HS, and who are brave enough to meet and leverage that part of themselves.

And as a gift, my contribution to your growth and the ignition of your dreams, I’m running a special on the Inner Bad Bitch Integration program to help you wrap your fingers around a piece of you that knows, that leads, that sets the world on fire.

For more info, click HERE and see what I’ve got for you to start 2018 on an amazing journey.

P.S. Talisman procured from Mastros & Zealot: Witches for Hire – click the name for their FB page.