Do you feel like people either freaking love you, or they fucking hate you? Like there’s no middle ground? When you make friends, it doesn’t necessarily make sense WHY you hit it off with that person, but you do, and it’s an instant connection. Or (perhaps more often) people just hate you for no apparent reason.

If you recognize this, you’ve likely experienced practically bending over backwards in order to prove to these people that you really are a likeable person, only to get shit on repeatedly.

So why does this happen? And even more interestingly, why the hell do other girls and women seem to look up to you? They want something you have. They desire to emulate you even though some of them seem to despise you.

I was an awkward, overly emotional kid. Kind of a basketcase (to the point where my wonderful, loving parents openly admitted that I was one.) I had few friends, and they were also terribly odd and awkward.

But once I hit teen years, and I started that exploration for who the fuck I was and why things happened to me the way they did, suddenly there was something there that seemed to draw people to me. I still didn’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I had were weird and fiercely loyal. I could apparently draw in that bitch that hated me from first glace from across the room. I connected with people a lot older than me.

I was also cynical as fuck and had a tongue that tore a lot of people new orifices.

Yet people always commented that there was just something about me. There was a light, a power inside me that drew others in, whether they liked me or not. I always felt like it was a kind of reverse charisma – people were drawn to me even when I didn’t want them to be.

So what the fuck?

As I got older, I noticed I could shut this off if I tried, but I was miserable if I managed it. It was like smothering a part of myself – slowly killing it in a painful manner. But when I stepped into it fully . . . everything changed. I could feel my body shift ever so subtly, my stride change, my spine lengthen, and it was as though I was looking at the world through a different set of eyes.

I attracted a lot of attention even when I absolutely wasn’t trying to, and people reacted to me differently. Again, there were those who would be rude seemingly for the hell of it, or because they couldn’t help themselves. (To this day there are cashiers in my small town I avoid because they are rude to me in a special way that the people on either side of me never get.)

At the same time, turning a smile or compliment on someone when I’m in that Mode can light a person up. I’ve had people thank me simply for my smile when I’m in that zone.

I’m powerful in that state – beyond what I even realize – and until fairly recently I didn’t know what that state was or how to make it happen on command.

This is the Higher Self. This is the Inner Bad Bitch. This is the part of us that is fully present, wholly powerful, and perfectly confident.

She holds an amazing effect that people are drawn to. This is the dangerous slicing edge that those around you can’t seem to not touch. This is what they respond to, and they WANT.

For those who want to embody that effortless power, you are a beacon of hope. You make friends with these people, and they’re seeking their own Higher Self in the process. Together you make a great team. For those who hate that you’ve unearthed something they think they don’t possess, you are a target. These people sometimes turn into your haters.

Don’t try to convince these people otherwise – either they’ll come around in time, or it’s a waste of effort for you.

But the important thing to realize and take away here is that YOU are at your finest in that State. When you integrate your Higher Self, and you let your Inner Bad Bitch step forward and become you, you become unstoppable. Your excuses vanish. Your worries become manageable. Your problems become things you can break down and take on one piece at a time.

Because your Inner Bad Bitch knows that there is nothing she can’t handle, one way or another.

Also, you can call on her at any time. You can learn to take a few deep breaths, open the door in your soul for her to step out of, and take on her traits. This can become second nature if you’re willing to nurture that energy.

You owe it to yourself to see what your Higher Self can do in your life. Because living without her is living an incomplete existence.

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