“Meditation” is probably one of the cringiest words that I deal with regularly. Meditation is everywhere, with people everywhere tossing it out as the solution to every problem.

Meditation is great! It gets you in the right zone! It helps you achieve your goals!

But what if you really suck at meditating? What if you hate it because you feel like you can’t do it properly, and so every time the word “meditation” comes up, you either make a face or your brain just checks out of the conversation?

You’re not alone!!! Most people who are looking for ways to improve themselves and find deeper connections to their world have at least attempted meditation, and because SO many people sing its praises, it’s easy to feel like you’re broken because you just can’t get into it. But actually there are LOTS of people who don’t “feel it” when trying to meditate. So you’re in good company.

The first thing I’ll say here is that meditation is not for everyone. If you seriously hate it, or if you fall into the small category of people who have medical issues that meditation can affect, just don’t. Forcing yourself to meditate is going to have negative results, and so it’s best to just leave it alone if it’s that bad for you.

Your spiritual journey is not at a dead end simply because meditation isn’t part of your daily routine. I promise.

But the next thing I’ll point out is that meditation does not always fall into a nice, neat little box.

From my experience, when most people talk about meditating, they’re referring to a Buddhist style of meditating, when you sit somewhere peaceful and basically try to unplug your brain. They are striving for nothingness of thought, in a super over-simplified way, and this is very difficult to do. (Why do you think monks practice this their whole lives?)

For me, meditating doesn’t work that way. I even took a meditation class a while back, and discovered that I simply cannot quiet my mind. For me, meditating is a way to shut down the channels of noise one by one until I can clearly hear my Crew. There is never silence in my mind, which would be very frustrating if I thought that was the only acceptable outcome. Instead, I Tune In to the voices and messages that are coming in.

Something else I’ve noticed is that different types of music can be extremely helpful in “meditating.” Yes, I love my ambient music, but much of the time I’m listening to something Celtic. Other times, my best insights come when listening to EDM – which happens to be my husband’s “thinking/focusing” music of choice.

My man doesn’t meditate well in the traditional sense, and his two best times for getting insights are either when he’s working in the garage and listening to EDM, or when he’s flying a plane. It used to be when he was riding horses. I have a good friend who gets her best stuff coming in when she’s riding her motorcycle.

This comes from a place of hyper-focus. You’re so focused on this one thing that needs your attention (and preferably that you’re passionate about) that there isn’t room for all the other shit your brain tries to do. So you can actually find yourself in a very similar state of slow, relaxed brainwaves and receptivity, and sometimes some really profound thoughts and messages come to you.

You can get similar results while exercising, knitting, coloring, or doing many other things, as long as you’re in a safe enough environment that you can relax into the flow of what you’re doing.

The last suggestion I’ll make is to try and turn your meditation time into a submersive experience that includes as many things as possible that you can use to trigger your senses later. With this tactic, you meditate, often using a guided meditation or a specific mantra, and you use clothing, scents, music, and anything else you desire to anchor the feeling of this meditation in your body.

So, for example, if you downloaded my free Higher Self meditation, you could wear the kind of clothes that you feel your Higher/Best Self would wear while you listened to it. You could also use a certain perfume, oil, or candle scent when you meditated to it. Once you had the meditation down to where you could walk through it in your mind, you could listen to music that makes you feel powerful and in touch with your Higher Self.

THEN, by anchoring all these stimulus to the experience of your Higher Self, all you need to do is wear the clothes, hear the music, smell the oils, and it takes you effortlessly back into the state of being in conference with your Higher Self. And this method can work with anchoring any number of thoughts, affirmations, or sensations in your body.

Again, meditation isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. But when you know that you can change things up a bit in order to make it work with how your brain and body best respond, it can make it a lot easier to find ways to work meditation into your life.

I’d love to hear how you meditate, even if it doesn’t look like “traditional” meditation, so please drop me a comment and let me know how meditation works for you, or if anything here has inspired you.

And if you’d like to try my Higher Self meditation, just click here to download it right now.