If you’ve been in the spiritual world for any length of time, whether it’s been in the “New Age” stuff, Christianity, or just dancing around the edges of stuff that acknowledges something beyond us in our current form, you will likely have seen at least one person who spouts off that darkness isn’t a thing.

I’ve experienced quite a few of these individuals, and I’m completely baffled by them. They like to sound superior, and tell you that the only reason you see darkness is because you believe in it – you allow it.

I would LOVE it if darkness (and by this, I mean evil and shitty energy) was simply something we could wish away. That we could just shine a light on it like a child in a dark bedroom and see that the “monster” in the dark is no more than a pile of clothes and toys.

But that’s not the way this world works.

There IS darkness, because there is light. They balance each other. Maybe someday we’ll move out of this state. Maybe someday we will evolve past this shit and everything will be hunky dory. Maybe there are other planets out there who have already figured out how to not have darkness, and they’ll come help us out. Maybe we’ll get back to Eden.

I don’t know. But there IS darkness and shit in this world, and inside of us, and denying it isn’t helping anything.

Why? Because darkness begets darkness, and when you pretend it isn’t there, that means you don’t face it. When you face the darkness in yourself, and you acknowledge it without guilt or shame, it loses it’s power. And when many of us do this, giving our darkness a big hug and turning a spotlight on it for a while so we can see the true shape of it, we lessen the power of the darkness a tiny bit in the world.

So next time you feel that guilt or shame creep in, ask why. Ask why you judge yourself, and see if it’s something you don’t need to do anymore. Speak it into a corner, write it down and burn it, scratch it into the sand and then watch it wash away. Give your darkness a moment and then let it go with love.

When the darkness is on the outside of us, we have to point at it. We have to point at abuse, and hatred, and nasty things that live in the dark parts of society’s soul, and we have to say “That’s some fucked up shit right there.” We turn a spotlight on it to see the shape of it, and we need to try and give it some healing love and say “Sorry you felt you were needed. But you’re not, so it’s time for you to go away.”

It isn’t nice. It isn’t pretty. It often can’t be done gently like that because certain people (and sometimes ourselves) are protecting that darkness because it’s what we know.

And aside from those things, there are dark entities and cursed places in this world that most people are happy not knowing anything about. It’s much easier to just not acknowledge intelligent things that prey on people’s spirits and seem to simply be focused on fuckery.

But darkness needs to be faced. It needs to be lit up like a Christmas tree or the 4th of July and looked at. And we need to stop feeding the damn thing our shame and guilt.

Denying it only lets it thrive. And if you can deny it, that means you’ve never faced it.

Good for you. But remember that a knight in shining armor has never been tested. This work comes with dent, scrapes, and burns. It’s easy to say dragons don’t exist and don’t need slaying if you’ve never encountered one.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this, so feel free to head over to the FB group and tell me how you’re dealing with the darkness in your life (any method but pretending it doesn’t exist is fair game so long as nobody gets hurt!)