Bad Bitches Sometimes Need a Push

That rumbling in your soul every time you have to smile because it’s the “polite” thing to do or that numbing feeling you get when people are blathering on about their problems is your soul’s way of telling you to find your right place in this Universe. To stop settling for the nonsense that people fed you so you would stay their puppet.

I’m Lindsey, Inner Storm Intuitive, Spiritual Grenadier, and Bad Bitch Raiser.

Since I was little, I knew something was “different” in me. Back then, I used the term “something ‘wrong’ with me,” but I know now, that wasn’t it.

I was different. I heard things no one else heard. I saw things no one else saw. And it made life harder than it should be on a kid.

I shut myself off from people who loved me, but didn’t “get” me. I lost myself inside the angry metal of music and noise-blocking headphones (like most teens do.) But it didn’t stop what I was experiencing. Alone. Pissed off.

I still saw angels. Channeled demons. And connected with my Higher Self.

And the more I connected with them (not the demons, that shit was hell,) but the more I connected with my angels and my Higher Self, the more I realized this is who I am and there was nothing I could do about it.

I became painfully aware of my Mission well into my first month of pregnancy with our first son. I had been angry, confused, and lost most of my adolescent and adult life. But one month into carrying this bundle of awesome in my belly, I had had enough. The Mission was clear and it was up to me to keep fighting it, or accept it and live it out.

Clearly, I chose the latter.

And that Mission is: To help create a world where people with gifts are accepted and embraced, especially mothers and their children with gifts.

I had to grow up feeling alone, afraid, and angry. I don’t want my sons – or yours – to grow up the way I did.

So I’m here for you. To show you you’re not different. You’re not broken. You’re not fucking crazy.

You are gifted with the ability to see and talk to your Higher Self and your Angels. Open your life and your mind to them? And you step into the Bad Bitch you were quite literally born to be.

And that Inner Storm you’ve dealt with for far too long? Calms and subsides because you now have the means to understand what encircles you.

Check out all the ways you can work with me to walk through your Inner Storm to become the Bad Bitch you know you are.

Lindsey did a dream interpretation for me via messenger and she totally tapped into what has been going on in my brain. She was able to quickly clarify what the dream symbolized and she put into words what I have been feeling, just based on the description of the dream. I was really impressed and will definitely be asking Lindsey for help again.

Desiree Wolfe