So you’ve heard that you have a Higher Self. You even accept that she’s there, a part of you, but yet standing to the side of you as well.

But yet you aren’t sure about really getting in touch with her. You’re not entirely confident in stepping into her and letting her take the wheel of your life. Why is that?

Because she’s fucking dangerous as hell.

No joke. She is. Not to you, but to everything else.

Look around at the world we live in. Conformity is expected. We have labels, groups, titles, codes, and every other system of clustering people that you can think of. For some, this is difficult, because we don’t want to be grouped, or we never seem to fit nicely under a label. But for many, this system is comfortable – it is what they know, and bucking that is a scary idea.

Now look at the idea of your Higher Self. She is one of a kind. She has no need of labels, groups, or any of that nonsense because she is completely comfortable in who she is.

And – this is important – she is something completely different than anyone else.

So not only does she not need or want a box or label, there are none that encompass her. Her scope is too great for that.

This makes her immensely powerful, and dangerous.

True individualism shakes man-made constructs at their foundations. Things such as The Church, the workforce, and government depend on people being lumped into groups, and doing what they’re told. There is a reason that there is always a push coming from “the powers that be” to keep people small, distracted, and fighting each other. It’s exhausting, and after all that there is no energy to look inward and figure out who you really are and how much power you truly have.

Your average job gives you a label and a list of tasks, and you do not step outside of them. The government gives you a letter to adhere to, and you are not supposed to step across those party lines. And the Church . . . I’m not sure I should even get started on this. But let’s just say that there is a reason why the Church condemns all attempts to find power and identity outside of “Jesus Christ” – which, let’s face it, has been turned into code for “what the Church wants you to do.”

You may or may not have heard of “Kundalini,” but it’s a type of energy activation that opens you up to your energy and potential. The Church has decried this as being demonic, and something you should repent from and have exorcised.

Why are they so afraid of the Higher Self? Why are they particularly frightened by the idea of women finding their sacred feminine?

Because if more people – not even everybody – found their Higher Selves, and could clearly see what they are capable of, and that every limitation they have put on them is man-made . . .

Our current system would begin to crumble. The people in charge would feel their footing sliding out from beneath them as more individuals stood up and said, “We don’t need you to run our lives anymore.”

When you step into your Higher Self, your whole life shifts. You wake up and head into the day, never worrying what others think of you, because you are confident in what you think of yourself. You wear what you want – what makes you feel confident and sassy, and to hell with what others say. You walk into rooms and businesses with your head held high, knowing people notice you instead of worrying that they do (you know the difference I’m talking about here.)

And most of all, it allows you to become the person who will make that one little change that you are capable of in this world. You will be confident to do your part in changing the course of the world and making it a place where its current occupants and those of the future will flourish. Because if we don’t do the REAL work, and make the real changes, all our bandaid solutions and yelling in the midst of the noise is going to get us is more of the same, just with a different mask.

So the Higher Self is dangerous to the world as we know it. It is dangerous to the people currently at the wheel. The idea of stepping into that powerful being is terrifying for those who aren’t sure they want to rock the boat.

But when you look at where things are right now, and what the world COULD be if we allowed that Higher version of ourselves a voice, the real question is . . .

How can you NOT?

Do you want more guidance on stepping into your Higher Self and taking steps to integrate her into your existence? Make sure you download the free meditation by clicking the link below . . .

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