Dreams are absolutely fascinating to me. I believe that we all dream, and I believe that all dreams have messages. You may not always remember your dreams, but you do have them, and there are ways that you can start remembering them. One of the best ways is by writing them down when you have them.

I often have very vivid dreams. Almost every day I know that I was dreaming that before even if I can’t remember specifics from the dream. Since I’ve come to the determination that dreams have messages in them I started writing down my dreams whenever possible. This actually helps me to remember my dreams more and more as time goes on.

But something else that happens when you write down your dreams is that the process of writing can actually help you to regain pieces of dreams that you think you lost when you woke up.

For example, I had a dream last night and I could remember a lot of the beginning of the dream, and peace that felt like it was nearer to the end – but I couldn’t remember what happened in between. I started writing down the beginning of the dream in order to remember it, and as I wrote and thought about how it related to the piece I could remember from the end, all of a sudden a lot more of the dream came back.

It turned out this dream was actually really profound and had an amazing message in it. One of my Angels was sending me a powerful message, and if I hadn’t taken the time to sit down and write out this dream, I might’ve lost that.

So, some people wonder why I take the time to write down my dreams – especially when some of them seem kind of insane and I never managed to make any sense of them. But this is my reason why. Because occasionally (or maybe not so occasionally) you have a dream that is worth remembering and that you want to hang onto that message.

If you didn’t write it down, how would you do that?