I am an expert at beating myself up. An absolute genius when it comes to torturing myself and running myself ragged by racing in circles, chasing thoughts and ideas that are as cruel as they are pointless.

I’m sure a lot of you reading this understand the process.

For me, it usually has to do with my gifts. The ability to talk to angels, to sense darkness, and to see past what everyone else sees, and into a world that a lot of people would be pretty happy to ignore.

I question myself a lot. I ask myself if I’m making it all up – if the things I experience are all in my head, and what I really need is a round of medication. I doubt the validity of the experiences that I have, and it can put me into a bleak state of mind.

Then it turns into a vicious cycle, because when that darkness of the soul creeps in, the next thing I doubt is whether I should be trying to help others. I don’t have my own stuff together, so how on Earth am I supposed to give others the strength and resources to get theirs together?

I think it’s very likely that you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve walked these same steps before, even if it isn’t with your career as an angel communicator. 🙂 Somewhere in your life, these dark voices creep in and convince you that you’re a fraud – a charlatan that will do nothing but harm to the world because your own life doesn’t look perfect.

At this point, what do you do? How do you drag yourself out of this nice, damp hole that you’ve crated and tossed yourself into?

The very first thing is to ask for help. Generally I make the mistake of waiting until I already feel like I’m on my spiritual hands and knees, and I don’t recommend that. There’s no benefit to waiting until you feel like you can’t take one more minute of this.

Ask God to help you. Call on your angels to surround you and lift you up. Whether you whisper it or scream it, they will hear you, and they will act immediately. You will feel their support, and the next breath you take will probably come a little easier.

Yes, there will be some work to do to make sure you get out of that place, but you can do it – and that leads into my next point.

You need to immerse yourself in whatever it is you do. For me, that’s making sure that I work with people’s energy at every opportunity. I need to be constantly helping people to heal themselves, contact their angels, and release any negativity that they are hanging onto.

Why? Because when you’re in the thick of your mission, your Life’s Purpose, you don’t have time to question it. You’re seeing so much good happening at your hands, and the evidence that you are changing the world just keeps rolling in – and you don’t have time to doubt.

All there is, is the Work. Talk to your angels about this, and ask them to open the doors you need opened in order to be constantly busy with your Life’s Purpose. You will grow as a person, and your confidence will expand by leaps and bounds.

Try it, and let me know what happens. 🙂