Sometimes you lose touch with your Crew. It happens. Honestly, I think it happens to everyone.

I’ve been talking with my Crew since I was tiny, and I still lose them occasionally. It isn’t that they go anywhere – it’s that I stop listening.

This happened a couple weeks ago. They started getting fainter and fainter, like I was moving away from a speaker, until I wasn’t hearing much at all. This definitely led to some stress, since I’m used to hearing from them near-constantly.

The holidays often seem to throttle my connection a little, just due to everything going on (and often shutting off aspects of myself to protect my energy from certain people.) But this year seemed extreme.

Then a few days ago I went to grab a stiff drink after putting Brom down for a nap, and I heard “Easy . . .” clearly. I paused and Listened, then grabbed the bottle again and heard “Maybe you just shouldn’t.”

Warning bells started going off in my head, because the last time my Crew told me to stop drinking was right before I found out Brom was on the way. I spent the rest of the day feeling quite off, and first thing the next morning I tested.


This was not the news I was hoping for. My cycle has been missing for weeks, but two other tests were solid negatives, so I chalked it up to stress and the weaning process with Brom. Nope. There’s a new Rainwater on the way, and I was hoping to wait a couple more years before adding another baby to the family.

I’ll admit – I freaked out. I bawled and cussed and then cried some more. I wallowed in a lot of “WTF just happened?” energy for a couple days, but I was checking in with my Crew and there they were. And I realized they’d probably been sending me little messages about this – but I didn’t want to hear it. Pregnancy was not on my list of plans for 2017, and so I did not want to acknowledge what was coming down the line.

So I shut my Crew out.

I need you to know that your Crew never leaves. I’m exploring options that suggest that some people have Guides that swap out during different parts of their lives, but you always have a Crew, they are always with you, and I’m pretty sure there are one or two permanent members.

If you stop hearing from your Crew, it is because you have turned down the volume on their messages.

One of the easiest ways to bring that volume back up is with some quiet time and focus. Get into a place where you can devote a little time and attention on yourself and your connection with your Crew, and tell them that you can’t hear them anymore. Then tell them that your intention is to reestablish close contact with them, and that you are ready to hear any messages that you may have been blocking for whatever reason.

You might not start hearing from them again instantly, but you can ask them to give you a sign that they acknowledge, and you’ll probably get something. But the messages will start coming in again.

The trick is actually meaning it when you say you’re willing to Listen, and to actually do something with the message when it comes through. That’s much easier said than done, but you can do it.

If you would like to learn more about having a solid connection with your Crew, join me in the Crew Connection event, starting the day after Christmas. It’s free, and will give you seven days of exercises to boost you into 2017 with an awesome new set of skills that will help you navigate the year.

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