I’ve had a couple people asked me what the best way to experience their Angels is. This is a question I really can’t answer – at least not the way that they would like me to.

The reason for this is that everyone experiences their Angels differently, and that is not a good or bad thing. It simply is.

Some people see their Angels, some people hear are Angels, other people just know or feel things. The fact is that we all have strengths when it comes to experiencing the spiritual realm, and we need to use those strengths to their full advantage.

The best way to experience your Angels, is simply by experiencing your Angels. Embrace whatever method the Angels choose to contact you with, and try to hone that skill. Better and better angel communication will come with time – but you have to be patient.

Ask your Angels to help you determine what your strongest method of communication with them is, and then go with it. Other methods are likely to come with time and practice.

The important part is that you reach out to them and make sure that you are ready to receive their messages when they come.