While working with a client one day, I got an interesting visual from my Crew. They showed me a shrine in this woman’s sphere – call it her mind, spirit, soul, etc. In her being, there was this beautiful little vestibule surrounded with incense, flowers, and other offerings.

And inside it stood the image of the man who she was having problems with. This individual was sending psychic attacks against her and her family, and in general just making a massive energetic nuisance of himself.

As soon as she was done telling me what was on her mind, I pointed out this visual. I asked her to pull this image into her reality and get it in front of her where she could see and change it.

Once she had a grip on it, I asked her if she would like to take the image of this douchebag out of her shrine and toss it out the window, because this guy definitely did not belong there! She did, and then I asked her to put an image of herself in there.

This seemed a little difficult, but she did it, and some of the issues she was having eased.

So why is this important? In that moment, my Crew pointed out to me that we all have this little shrine inside of us. It’s a place of worship, and of reflection. It’s a place where we give attention to those individuals who have the most influence in our lives.

It’s supposed to be a wonderful place of peace, relaxation, and gratitude – but more often than not it’s a place of frustration and resentment. Why? Because we are not in the place of honor and power. We have put other people there.

Sometimes it’s innocent enough – I checked in with my own shrine in a deep meditation after that client call, and found Corey, my husband, in that place of power. We’ve been together since I was 16, and I’ve followed his lead in most things. He’s always wanted me to do more, be more, and explore everything that is me, but having him in that place of power inside me was MUCH safer than putting myself there.

When I moved that image aside (not tossing it out the window like my client – just sliding his representation aside on the altar) my image was right behind him. So I had put myself in second place, which wasn’t too bad. It was fairly easy to pull my image into the power position and it was an amazing experience.

But I’ve talked to other women who have their husbands in that power position. And behind him is their father. And behind him is their mother. And behind her is the MIL. And behind the MIL is that teacher from way back when who she looked up to.

Even if the relationships were not toxic, this isn’t how this should work. Your personal power should not be buried so deeply behind the opinions and energies of other people in your life, no matter how much they love you and how well-meaning they are.

A really big problem comes in when the people represented in your shrine ARE toxic, like in the case of my client. This guy had messed with my client so much that even though he should never have made it to her shine at all, he’d usurped her Inner Power and placed himself there – and she’d let him do it.

This is the shitty part, but it has to be said that if someone is in that position of power in your shrine, you allowed them to be there. Nobody can force their way into that position, no matter who they are and how much “control” they have in your life.

But this is one reason why abuse survivors have such a hard healing process – because so often the person who abused them was a predator on ALL levels, and that included emotionally AND spiritually. These people convince us that they are the hub of power in our lives, and when their image appears in the shrine, we don’t know any better than to let it stay.

The longer it stays, the harder it is to move, and the longer you will suffer with their energy in your sphere and their voice in your head. Time to rip their image out of the shrine – with a hammer if needed – and toss it out the window.

I would really like you to work on this visualization. Get in touch with your Higher Self or Crew, and just ask them to show you your inner shrine. Don’t overthink it, and see who holds that position of power. If it isn’t you, move the person’s image and put your own image there.

Then take a look at who else is on your shrine. For me, I’m now in that position of power, but to be honest I did not remove Corey from the little alcove – he’s now standing behind me as my right hand. But we’re the only ones there. On the table are my parents and a couple people I look up to (one is a fictional character, btw, which I find funny as hell.)

There were also a couple people who were NOT positive influences in my life, and I was feeding them energy by allowing them to have space on my shrine. So I removed them.

I want you to do the same. Put yourself in that position of power, even if you make someone else a close second for now. And get rid of anyone who doesn’t want only the Highest and Best for you. Remove their images completely, in whatever way feels best for you.

Try this visual, and see how you feel. Whenever it seems like your control over your life or thoughts is slipping, check in and make sure everything is still as it should be in your shrine. This isn’t going to be a cure-all, and it might not happen overnight (because let’s face it, we are conditioned to let others be ‘the power’ in our minds) but it’s a great step toward fully claiming your power.

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