A lot of people talk about “stepping into your power.” I see memes on social media that mention this concept, and I was even told to do this very thing once.

It was actually in reference to a coaching program I was really interested in getting into, but I didn’t have the funds to do it right then. I was talking to the creator of the program, asking if there was any way I could maybe trade my time and writing experience for the first month of the program. She didn’t need any writing done, but told me I could use the PayPal “Bill me later” feature.

I wasn’t comfortable with this idea, because to be honest, I’m still dealing with some of the financial after-effects of some poor decisions made before 2008.

She was trying to encourage me, but told me that I should “step into my power,” and use the line of credit to get into this program.

Now, I know that oversimplifies it, and to you it may sound like she was hard-selling me. She really wasn’t, and I appreciated her confidence that I could have the bill paid off well in advance of it coming due.

But I thought hard on it, and realized that I just wasn’t comfortable going into any more debt. My husband and I have worked so hard to become debt-free, and we’re so close we can taste it. The angels have really assisted us in improving our cash flow and pointing opportunities out to us, and in my personal case I felt that going back into debt would be a poor choice – even if it would mean getting into this amazing course.

For a short time I wondered about this decision. I worried that I had made the wrong decision by not grabbing the opportunity to get into this course, and that maybe I had let my financial fears hold me back.

I asked my angels to give me some clarity into the subject, and in my discussion with them, I realized something – by acknowledging my reluctance to have another amount of money hanging over my head, and saying “no” to feeling like I am a slave to another debt, I DID step into my power.

Yes, I think I could have owned that course and made that money back. But would I have done it out of fun and enjoyment? Or out of “Oh shit, I MUST pay this money back!” – which is a very low vibrational place to be.

So I realized that there are a great many ways to “step into your power,” and one of the first and most important ways to do this is to simply be willing to decide what this means for you. Other people can tell you what they think it means for you, but only you can decide what course of action is actually going to feel liberating and empowering.

And THAT, friends, is the path that you need to choose every time. 🙂