Life is interesting right now. I’ve got a lot of great things going on, and I have a ton to think about. A move is in the near future, and so I’m prepping for that while working on new projects and coaching courses.

But in the last couple days I’ve been struggling a little bit. There’s so much going through my mind, and so much energy flying around (much of it that I’ve made myself) that I keep getting blocked. For one, I think I’m blocking myself because I let myself think about too many things at one time. For another, I definitely find myself under attack right now – the nasty voices are in full swing, telling me just about every awful thing they can come up with – so that’s causing blocks as well. Finally, I still think I’m dealing with fear of success and fear of failure.

All of these things put together are just causing me to shut down and not work the way I’d like to.

I took a couple days off over the weekend (which I don’t normally do.) One day was spent on a date-day with Corey, exploring the area that we’re moving to, and the next day was spent cleaning and packing unnecessary things.

I wanted to take some time away from my work to give my brain a chance to reset, or reboot. I hardly touched my computer, and even my phone was left sitting for hours. I just needed to focus on anything BUT my work . . .

So today I settle in, and I discover this sensation sitting in my solar plexus. It’s really uncomfortable, and obviously not a physically-based sensation.

It’s like a knot sitting there in my guts, and it’s moving. I’ve dealt with this sensation a lot, but I’ve finally realized that it is an energy block. But unlike some blocks that cause an energetic void, this block is made of too much energy. It gets all jammed up, and then it’s hard to make it go anywhere.

I’m sure you can imagine that it’s like a traffic jam. Once a bunch of cars are piled into an area, it’s much harder to get them moving back out in an orderly fashion. But at the same time, it’s like a wad of yarn. For any crafters out there, you know how much it sucks when yarn gets all tangled up, and you can’t figure out which strand to pull on to get it untangled.

That’s how this knot of energy is. There’s so many things sitting there – there are strands and cables of energy from everything that is going on in my life, from planning a move, to my dog needing surgery, to the one freelance project I have right now, to the coaching course I’m launching . . . it’s all snarled up together, and it’s hard to know where to begin with any of it. It isn’t so simple as grabbing one strand and pulling so it comes apart.

This led me to wonder where this knot came from. Sure, I’ve got lots going on, but I always do. Sure, it’s a little more stress and excitement than usual, but why would it cause THIS mess?

Then I realized that a lot of this stemmed from the fact that I slowed down a lot of my creation recently. With everything that has been happening, I’ve actually shoved aside some thoughts and ideas that I’ve had, and tried to ignore them as I plowed forward with what I thought I SHOULD be working on.

Taking a day off allowed me to come back and see all this clearly, and I realized that the energy of the ideas I’d pushed aside had collected in the vicinity of my solar plexus, and were just sitting there like some kind of undigested meal. (Eww.)

I had to do a lot of work to get that knot of energy to go away. Meditation, talking to my angels about it, and using the right crystals got me a long way. But I knew I had to do something about that “unused” energy. I needed to revisit the ideas I’d pushed aside, and at least get some ideas out regarding them.

I was able to sort it out, but I wouldn’t have had so many issues in the first place if I had done two things in particular:

1. Meditated and Listened to my angels and my inner guidance every day.

2. Not pushed those ideas and thoughts aside, and instead devoted a few minutes to them.

So make sure that you’re creating, and when your angels send you an idea, take some time and make a few notes on it if nothing else. You may avoid an energy traffic jam.