A friend brought up a very interesting question/topic the other day. We’re clients of each other’s businesses, and I have mad respect for this woman – partially because she comes up with the best fucking questions!

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I’ve been working with her on getting in touch with her own Crew, and apparently she asked a while back whether she could “play in the arts.” She got what she calls a “resounding NO.” So she left the idea alone.

Then a few days ago she found a card deck and couldn’t leave it alone. She said they yanked her by the neck and she couldn’t walk away, so she bought them. But this left her wondering if she was going against the guidance of her Crew.

I say no, this isn’t going against your Crew. I’ve had this happen a number of times over the years, and every time it’s been a sudden feeling like it’s time to step into that thing that I didn’t feel I could or should do before.

The more I think about this, the more I’ve come to a few ideas on why this happens . . .

#1. You aren’t ready in your head.

A great example of this is card reading or using pendulums. My Christian upbringing had caused me to be leery of anything like this, even though it was also fascinating. So I avoided tools for the most part, just relying on what happened in my head and body.

Then one day, much like Tania, I saw a deck of cards that I just NEEDED. It was actually one of Doreen Virtue’s weekly card readings, and a friend had sent me the link. I got this feeling like that deck needed to be in my life. When I got that deck, another one literally LEAPT off the shelf at me, and so I bought it too.

Now I have about a dozen decks, although I only use maybe 6 consistently. But now I know what I’m sensing for when a deck is right for me. What’s extra funny is that I was given a deck a long time ago by another friend, and even now I can’t use it. It’s just not right for me.

The same thing happened with my first pendulum. I just couldn’t not buy it. But I see pendulums all the time – gorgeous things that are works of art, and I’ll pass them up, only to have a plain one yell that I’m not leaving without it.

So sometimes you’re just dealing with programming that you’ve been hauling around for years, and your Crew has to get through to you with the right tool.

#2. You’ll rush in the wrong direction.

This is a big one, and I really think applies to Tania (sorry for calling you out so much here!) If her Crew had said “yes” in that moment, what would she have done? What would many people do in that moment? They’d go LOOKING for something to dabble in – and from personal experience, when we go looking for powerful spiritual or paranormal experiences, we open ourselves up to finding trouble.

We need to be very aware of what we can call into our lives unwittingly when we start down the rabbit hole, and our Crew is tasked with protecting us as much as possible.

So sometimes we get what feels like a “hell fucking no!” when it’s actually more like “how about you let us handle that?” (But they can’t say that because we’re terrible listeners.)

#3. You’re growing into it.

Then there’s the normal step of not being ready for something now, but you will be in a month, or a year, or five years. Just like learning anything else, sometimes we have to learn one thing well before our souls unlock to make room for the next thing.

Can you imagine if we got all of it at once? What a mess that would be.

So sometimes you get a “no.” Sometimes it’s just a hard “no” and we have to deal with it. I’ve been given hard negatives that I don’t think will ever change, simply because certain techniques are not in alignment with what I’m here to do. But I never know. And you never know.

That no might suddenly change one day when they guide you to that perfect tool, or that perfect teacher for you.

Sometimes it’s a no until it’s not.

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