Destroy Your Guilt and the Emotional Chains that Stop You From Owning the World

It’s there. And it weighs on you like a mofo, making you feel like you are four times the mass you are…because guilt is a heavy-ass-bitch.

But that killer corset that your boss would think you’d lost your rocker to wear, or that semi-transparent blouse your mother would stroke out if you wore, are not your concerns.

Your likes and dislikes are your business alone.

Whether it’s a new lover or a job working a stripper pole on Saturday night, you have a right to do and be and wear what you want. Regardless of what others think.

And you know that lip ring you want to wear? You’re not too old for it. The tatt that covers your entire back? Again… Your lusts? Satisfy them.

You are your quirks. And if your quirks make your people uncomfortable, they are not truly your people.

And trust me, I know what it’s like to live that life, the life of lies and wishes.

The memes for being yourself are not in short supply. Nor is the guilt that counters them. And the mixed signals leaving us wanting for directions on which way is right. And which is the way we want to go.

I’m Lindsey. And you’ve reached the place where you can break free of that programming and destroy the negative self-talk so you can start living your uniqueness, fully.

Because the programming you’ve been living with for so long? Is what’s fucking broken. Not you.

When you destroy the negative self-talk you yank the power that all those people have had over you: Your boss, your spouse, your parents. You utterly SHATTER the chains that shackled you into a million bits.

Leaving you with a life that makes you want to live it. And live it loud. Sharing your gifts with the world and creating a harmony in your psyche that you’ve only dreamed existed.

What I’m talking about is tapping into your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows what you need most to survive and to thrive in a world of people who would have you living in their own box.

Grab this Higher Self: Slay your Guilt session for $147 and in we’ll figure out what is keeping you from living that once-in-a-lifetime-life, so you can start tackling each link of the chain that’s built itself around you.

Sessions are held via Skype or other video options, so I can see your face and look deep into your soul. Then? We’re going to destroy those bitches, so you can move forward with a fully expressed life that was meant for YOU and YOU, ALONE.

And the best part is you’ll also get a meditation to download, so when you feel those shackles creeping back up your legs again, you can listen and stop them in their tracks.

Use the button below to let me know you’re in, and ready to give those emotional chains and inner guilt trips the middle finger.

Full-Moon Special!

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