Supercharge your intentions so that the fruits of your labor are as sweet as possible.

No more mixed messages to the Universe.

No more playing your own emotions to get what you want.

No more leaving things to chance.

When your every thought and intention (negative and positive!) is a prayer to the Universe, you can create a traffic jam of “what do I REALLY want??” out there.

But sigils change all that.

You won’t have to fight being in a bad mood or being scared of getting what you “want”. And you won’t have to stop yourself and do EFT on the grocery store line because you caught your thoughts drifting back to fear (unless you want to).

Sigils do for you what you can’t do alone.

They weave a strong net of power and intention WITH YOU, using the most basic tools that you have at your disposal.

Boost your income with sigils.
Change your eating habits with sigils.
Fall madly in love again. With sigils.

Whatever it is that you are calling on the deities or the Universe to help you do? Sigils are the energy booster you want in your corner.

And now you can craft your own magick, with SigilCraft.

When you do that, you 10x the efficacy of your intentions. Seriously.

The sigils I’ve crafted for clients have given them the power to stand in their truths when they could not, given them the daily boosts to succeed when they struggled, pushed them to sculpt the bodies they love and are happy in. And so much more.

Learn how to create sigils and create the income you want, the love you crave, and the life that is wrought with abundance.

To guide you through this process, SigilCraft Monthly includes:

– Monthly lessons and case studies focused on sigils and magick
– Monthly New Moon sigil and a live Zoom activation ritual
– Monthly Full Moon sigil and a live Zoom activation ritual
– Sigils for sabbats and other relevant holidays and energies throughout the year
– PDF on making your New Year sigil and activating it
– Polls on what we should discuss next and upcoming lessons
– An active and constantly-growing online support group for asking questions and sharing your creations
– Discounts on future sigil offers and courses
– AND (last but not least) the SigilCraft Course, which includes:
– 8 modules, set up to deliver one aspect of the sigil process at the time – cutting down on overwhelm
– Email delivery of the course so you can work through it at your own pace
– Downloadable pdfs and audio files for easy absorption of the material
– Updating of the materials as new info is added

Sigils are one of the easiest ways to leverage your intentions and energy to the max, and you can get started right away. Links to join the Facebook group and download links for the course will be sent as soon as you sign up.

SigilCraft: 10x your magick