You’re Not Crazy – And You Know It

No more suffering in silence, wondering if you’re crazy.

Escape the vicious cycle of wishing your spiritual experiences would stop, only to wonder if it’s possible to make them stop . . . then to discover your efforts only seem to aggravate the symptoms.

You’ve lived for a long time dealing with hearing voices – and you’re so done. You’re emotionally exhausted from keeping these experiences hidden from the world like they’re some kind of dirty secret.

You know you’re not actually crazy, but there’s so many ways a sane person can experience the spiritual realm, and sometimes those ways can seem crazy.

Tell me if you’ve experienced any of these:

– Being kept up at night or woken in the night by the voices (or shadowy figures in your room)
– Hearing noise in your mind that makes it difficult to focus on everyday tasks
– Anxiety about going places because you know they’ll be “loud”
– Business tasks interrupted by errant voices that start talking randomly
– Constantly worrying about what other people might think if they knew
– Working hard to hide the symptoms of your otherworldly experiences
– Fear that your children will deal with the same things, and you won’t know how to help them

There are plenty of other experiences, symptoms, and feelings that women experience that have to do with the voices they hear, but these are some of the most common. Do you see yourself in a few of these? More than a few? Can you list off a number of OTHER things that bother you? How does all that make you feel?

Now what if you knew that there were ways to control the voices and other experiences you’re having?

How would it feel if you had a grip on what was going on in your head, and could choose if and when you experienced these things?

It’s time to take back your life and mind, and realize that you DO have control over these voices, as well as any other spiritual experiences you’re having.

You’re not broken, or crazy, or sinful for having these things happen to you. You’re actually in good company.

Lots – and I mean LOTS – of people experience hearing voices at some point in their lives. Even more have some kind of spiritual experience that they aren’t sure what to make of.

But we live in a society that values blind conformity, and heavily stigmatizes any kind of experience that doesn’t fit into the mainstream. (Who determines that mainstream and whether it makes any sense is a whole other conversation!)

Instead of fighting against your abilities, you should be claiming your birthright of controlling and leveraging them.

Knock out the negative voices so they stop making you question everything.

Strengthen your connections with positive voices, and leverage their wisdom to your benefit.

Create sacred spaces and times that are yours, and keep the voices away for awhile so you can have some peace!

It’s all possible, and easier than you might think. But having a guide makes it even easier.

Give yourself the freedom to explore these experiences and find out what’s going on, and make a promise right now that you won’t let another week go by of feeling like you’re crazy and there’s no help for it. There IS guidance, and you can take advantage of it right now.









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