The clarity spread gave you answers you can’t quite figure out.

Integrating your messages from your Higher Self escapes you – more times than you want to count.

And even though you smudged, you’re still not digging on the energy that’s hanging around.

But now you don’t have to scour the internet for hours on end to end up with bogus info.

Enter Mystic Messenger.

When you have questions and need someone to help you get at the answers, I’m just a ping away.

Kind of like a mystic in your pocket, only not. For obvious reasons. That would be crazy uncomfortable.

Seriously, this is super for women who:

– dabble in oracle cards/tarot and want help clarifying spreads and interpreting their meanings.
– have or are trying to connect with their Higher Self and need a little boost.
– experience otherworldly events, but have no idea what the heck is going on.
– have questions about energies and other mystical events that may be affecting their lives.
– anyone who wants a deeper connection to themselves and their spirit guides.

I adore having Lindsey as a go-to for all my mystic answers. And I need a lot of them. Being new to tarot and all that woo shiz, it helps so much to be able to get answers when I need them. So glad she made this available!

Tania Dakka

Why Mystic Messenger?

Because sometimes you get hit with questions or situations you just need a nudge in understanding, not a full-blown course in mastering.

Because it’s convenient.

Because it’s personal.

Because it’s (almost) real time**.

Because I am Lindsey Rainwater, Inner Storm Intuitive & Higher Self Integrator, and it’s my job to help you master who you are on levels that you didn’t even really know existed.

You want to understand the other worlds you’re a part of, from the physical to the metaphysical, but signing up for a course or class just isn’t an option.

When you have questions arise during the course of your month, you’ll ping me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible (it should be pretty damn quick, but I am a WAHM and you likely know how that can roll sometimes) with an answer to your question that will shed light on the confusion you’ve found yourself in the middle of.

Say you laid out a clarity spread and the cards in no way line up in a way that you understand, but you need clarification asap, ping me.

Suppose you heard a message from your Higher Self, but have NO idea what the heck that woman was talking about, ping me.

Maybe you experienced an entity in your home and have no idea what to do about it, ping me. (I won’t just tell you to smudge, either.)

When you’re just learning about all of these things, or even if you’re seasoned with the mystical, it helps to have a shoulder to push hard against or someone to glean expertise from because these topics are often not easy and they are usually not discussed.

I’m not here to judge. I won’t berate or belittle. I’m here to lift you up and support you in your effort to become the highest version of yourself possible.

For $25 a month, you’ll have access to an intuitive that didn’t fall into this because it looked like a great way to make money.

I got here because I have been where you are: unsure, unnerved, and unaware of what was happening around me. From the time I was 5 years old, I have not fit in many places.

I’m not of the collective that says everything is unicorns and rainbows, because it’s freaking NOT. I’ve been a part of some crap that scared me senseless. And I’ve seen the other side of this physical life we live.

And the answers I have, you now have access to.

How this works:

– You ping me with your question (or a pic of your tarot spread! FUN!).
– I answer within 24 hours.
– You ask me another question if you need to because I’m sure you’ll still need some clarification.
– And I’ll answer.

Beyond that, if I see this is something that needs deep discussion, you’ll be able to book a half hour or one hour consult at a special rate for Mystic Messenger users.

What I do is not rooted in the superficial. It’s rooted in depth and love and knowing. And a need.

A need to help you evolve into your Higher Self.

Ready For Answers?

Get started right away by signing up now. You will receive instructions on how to get in touch with me, and we’ll start answering your burning questions!

I was so very impressed. Her reading has helped give me guidance and understanding during this time. I would recommend anyone who has any questions about any area in your life, contact Lindsey today.

A. Dawn