I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to every one of you! You are amazing, and I appreciate you more than you know!

This really is a magical, joyous time of year. For many of us, it is a time of celebrating Christ’s birth, and the miracles that have happened as a result. But even if that isn’t a part of your celebrations, it is a time for festivities, family, and finding a little solace in the love that you have. Letting your worries slide away, and focusing not on the things that you don’t have, but the things that you do.

And getting a gift or two isn’t a bad deal either. 😉

Most people that I know are having very skinny Christmases this year as far as gifts go, but there are some pretty neat ones going around. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share a few in my life that make me smile.

A book that I’m getting in the mail any day that I will read, then gift to my mom, who is already planning on gifting it to a friend of mine, who I’m sure will then gift it to someone else who needs it. The effects of this book will go beyond just me, and I’m already thinking that I’d like to make this a Christmas tradition.

Corey got me a juicer for Christmas. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal since it’s gently used and he got it from a friend of mine (same friend mentioned below, actually,) but I’m thrilled because it shows me how much he cares about me. My angels have been getting very insistent on the topic of me improving my health, and while I usually try to not make fitness resolutions, it looks like that’s where I’m headed this year. So he got me the juicer to try and give us a strong start down the road to better health.

We gave my dad a truck-care kit. It’s just cleaning stuff, but he had to buy a new truck recently, and this was the best way we could think of to keep him proud of it.

We’ll be spending time with Corey’s family and playing some kind of white elephant game. Instead of trying to buy something for everyone, which is near impossible thanks to the size of the new step-family, we’re engaging in a $10 limit exchange where everyone brings something, and everyone gets something. Simple, inexpensive, and a fun way to create a lively atmosphere and promote bonding within this massive new family.

And probably the coolest of all . . .

My friend, who recently married a soldier, will get to travel to him and spend Christmas with him! This couple has been through so much turmoil in their couple years of knowing each other, and there is still more to come, but seeing her light up at the idea of spending Christmas with this man who has given so much for his country and his wife just makes me all gooey inside.

So there isn’t a lot of monetary value being exchanged this year. All the gifts are inexpensive, but the meaning behind each of them is great. It’s about love, and making it count for the people you love – and for some of us *raises hand* putting aside differences in relationships and just enjoying the fact that we have each other.

I think this is what Christmas is really about, and I hope that you have an amazing one. Please share your cool holiday stories below – I’d love to hear how the holiday spirit is moving in your home.