Most people (as of right now) don’t know that I Channel. It isn’t something I talk about often, because it flip-flops between one of those things that I forget not everybody does, and being one of those things that feels awkward to talk about.

I don’t know why it’s awkward – likely just programming from my childhood when I didn’t want people to think I was a freak.

But I do Channel, and mostly it comes through writing. Sometimes I’ll be at the computer typing something out, and suddenly the words start coming so fast my fingers can’t keep up, because it isn’t my brain that is creating them. More often though, I do auto-writing with a utensil and paper.

This is something I started looking into because I feel like the written word is one of my greatest strengths in life. I love to write, and it comes easily to me – so when it came to spirit communication, why would it be any different?

I was expecting weeks or months of practice before anything started coming through (anything decipherable anyway,) but two or three days later I had entire sentences forming. Intelligent thoughts and uplifting phrases that had meaning to them.

This seemed cool, but I’ll admit I was also a little freaked out by it. Having your hand writing something that you didn’t really tell it to write is a very strange sensation that is probably impossible to completely understand if you haven’t experienced it.

(And now I have that “the pen is blue” scene from “Liar Liar” running through my mind . . .)

Anyway, over the last few months, between moving, working, and prepping for baby, I haven’t been taking the time to get into a receptive state and open the Channels so that I can get messages. I know, that’s really lame of me, but I would fall into the terrible habit of not blocking out time for it, and so it would never happen.

I started getting the sensations that normally come on when I’m finding that in-between place, but they would happen at really odd times. I would feel like I was sliding backwards out of my body, or my hand would tingle, twitch, or go limp for no apparent reason. So I knew I needed to get back into the habit of setting aside time for getting messages.

Yesterday I was at my computer working, and those sensations came on in a big way. It was an insistent, crashing-the-gates feeling. They wanted to get my attention, and were tired of waiting for me to decide it was a “good time.”

So I stopped what I was doing, grabbed a pen and paper, and let flow what would.

There wasn’t a whole lot. Just a few lines, but having them out on paper felt really good. I was relaxed in a way I couldn’t remember having been for weeks.

Now I’m blocking out time each day to allow that state to happen, and to give the messages a chance to come through. It is an important part of what I do, and I know it needs to become a habit.

The more you intentionally open yourself up to messages, the easier you make things for your Sources, who are trying to send those messages to you. In our hectic lives it’s easy to push things like that to the side, and “do them later,” but later never comes, as we’re all aware.

Even if you only set aside 10 minutes a couple times a week, take some time to meditate and allow messages to come in as they will. You may not Channel like I do – it just may not be your gift – but you never know, and you likely WILL get a lot of benefit from giving it a chance to happen.

Do you Channel? How does it happen for you? Where do you think these messages are coming from? Tell me in the comments!