Once upon a time there was a very pregnant woman who was trying to run a good magickal practice. She had an altar set up, and really, really wanted to do right by it, but with everything else going on, it kept slipping.

That woman was me. You probably guessed.

I was trying to do it right, but honestly I wasn’t trying very hard. It wasn’t for a lack of “reasons,” I mean, I was pregnant, felt like hell, was dealing with a very needy 2yo who knew things were changing, and really was feeling somewhat dissatisfied with the way my life felt in general. So I had plenty of excuses as to why I wasn’t keeping up with my altar the way I wanted to be.

But one day, during the haze of the last trimester, I looked at the altar (which was sitting smack in the middle of the house, btw – not off in some corner or anything) and realized it had seriously been like 3 weeks since I’d done anything with it.

The flowers were wilted and awful-looking, there was an old offering that was shrivelled and gross, and there was a liquid offering that I was surprised was still there. I started cleaning everything up, feeling bad that I let it get to that point, and I took the liquid offering (pretty sure it was rum or coffee or something like that) into the kitchen. I went to dump it, and discovered that it had turned into a thick, syrup-like goo.

I watched it run along the inside of the little glass, crawling and leaving a thick trail in its wake, and it was one of those weird moments where I suddenly had this moment of absolute clarity.

This was my magick. This was my energy. I’d been neglecting it for so many “good reasons” that were really just lame excuses, and instead of being something clear and strong and refreshing it was thick, gross, and slow.

My altar had become a physical representation of my energetic self. And I did not like that.

Neither did Mars, but I honestly think my whole Crew was just thrilled I’d finally come to this realization.

Since then I’ve been much more conscientious about how I handle my energy, my altars, and my magick. I try to do a daily practice at my altar, and while I don’t claim to be perfect at it, I’m a hell a lot better than I was.

I set reminders for myself to make sure and change things that need to be changed, to add things at special times, and to regularly check in with the energy to see what it still working and what is stagnating.

Things like food and flowers are easy to gauge, because they’re right there. But sometimes we still let them sit there for WAY TOO LONG. So what about the intangibles? Those are incredibly easy to allow to sit for weeks and even months without doing a proper “dusting off” and renewing of them.

So make sure that you’re checking on these things. Put up some reminders for yourself, either a post-it somewhere you’ll see it, an alarm on your phone, a note in your dayplanner . . . whatever works for you. And make sure you stay on top of your magick, because where your magick goes, your energy will follow.

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