The first and most powerful gift in this set is a meditation that will allow you to easily relax and open yourself to your intuition. You will receive powerful visualizations that will guide you through the process of developing your intuition as well as trusting the prompts that you get throughout the day.
You will also receive a report on using tools such as oracle cards and pendulums to gain further clarity and insight into what your intuition is trying to tell you.

This can be especially helpful for those who are just learning how to “hear” their intuition, and would like extra assistance in determining if they are getting the messages right. This alone is a super-powerful resource that shouldn’t be missed!

Finally, you will get a printable PDF that includes a list of crystals that can boost your intuition, as well as deepen your connection to your Higher Self and your Sources.

Crystals won’t “tune in” your intuition by themselves, but they are amazing tools that can make your efforts go a lot further if you use the right ones!