It’s very comforting to receive reminders that you are watched over, and that everything is in hand – even if it doesn’t seem like it.

I’m running like mad right now, creating new content and some new offers that I’m hoping will really change people’s lives. But when you get into that ultra-creator mode, things have a tendancy to slip through the cracks.

Last night I’m lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, and suddenly I’m thinking about a bill that has to be paid later this month. I try to brush the thought away, because it’s under control, and thinking about it right then isn’t going to change anything. But then my brain goes “But you remember that important piece of paper you have to have? You haven’t seen that since the move! We have to find that! If we don’t find it, then what?”

Now, if I didn’t find this paper by the time the bill was due, it really wouldn’t have been a big deal. Not worth panicking over anyway. But you know how your mind gets when you’re tired and you can’t sleep . . . even though I’m trying to relax, my heart rate is now up, and I’m trying to think of where this damn paper is. I almost got up to look for it.

Instead, I took a deep breath, found a new comfortable spot, and silently said, “Angels, please help me to relax. This is not as important as me getting some sleep. Help me release this worry and deal with it later, minus the stress. Thank you.”

I felt the tension ease out of my body, and my heart rate dropped. I closed my eyes for a second, only to have them pop open again a second later when I heard, “We know where the paper is, by the way.” and a clear image of the box that the paper is in sprang to mind. Smiling, I was able to fall asleep awhile after that.

Today, during a break from my projects, I started digging through the box I saw in my mind last night, and there is the paper. Right where they showed me.

It’s really easy to let worry or panic overtake you – often at the most inopportune times you could imagine. But what we need to remember is that nothing is out of control. Maybe it isn’t really in OUR control, but it is in someone’s control. Nothing is lost to God or his angels, and so if you are willing to Trust, nothing is really lost to you either.

Keep your calm going, and remember to ask for help whenever you need it, whatever you need it with. Life’s better with angels. 🙂