I pulled a complete “crash and burn” recently. Too many things got piled up in my head, and inside, I started to fall apart.

Obviously I’m putting the pieces back together and getting back up from my little meltdown, and I think I have a better grip on things now.

But why is this important to you? Why do you care that I had a bad moment that turned into a bad month? Because it happens to all of us. Because no matter how hard we try to keep our chins up and our heads screwed on straight, we can throw ourselves curve balls that really take us off our game – and then the spiritual attacks can set in, and make us feel like our lives are going straight to hell, even if we’re actually on top of the world.

For example, my life has taken some massive, positive turns in the last month, and I’m still coming to grips with them . . .

1. We’re moving. This is because of opportunities my husband has available to him, and it’s going to move us somewhere that the energy is much more “my style” than where we are now.

2. Due to this energy, where we’re moving to is much more open to the kinds of coaching I offer, and so there is great opportunity for me to explode my business there as well.

3. I’m pregnant. There’s not a lot of explaining to be done there.

So there’s just a lot going on, and for some reason I suddenly shut down. I fell into a depression, which is something I’ve been struggling with this year, even though I thought I’d gotten a good grip on it.

Between the hormonal swings of pregnancy, all the attention that topic is garnering, and the depression, I was in a very fragile state, and I think that is when the other side decided to swoop in and get some punches in on me while they could. My thoughts were bleak, my attitude dark – I felt broken, and didn’t know how to fix myself.

All activity stopped in my business, and in most of my life. It was a pretty crappy place to be.

Long story short, then I got sick, and I’ve been laid out with a nasty cold and cough for almost a week now.

But what was interesting was the rays of light and hope that started shining through the black veil a couple days ago.

During the sickness, I asked my angels for a lot of help. I asked them to ease the aches, slow the sniffles, and overall help me get over this as quickly as possible, especially since I can’t take any medications for it. As I made these requests, I noticed that my overall mood was improving even though I felt terrible physically.

The longer we went, and the more I talked to my angels about how I was feeling, the better I felt.

Yesterday morning was the first time in weeks I felt like I woke up and WANTED to face the world. I wanted to get back on my Path and get something done.

It made me wonder what had changed. And then I realized that my little communications with my angels had been the turning point. During my depression I had stopped talking to them, because I didn’t feel like talking to anybody. I had pushed their light away, and had suffered the consequences of that.

So what I want you to take away from this is that life happens – oftentimes we bring it on ourselves in one way or another, but there are also things outside our control that affect us poorly – and things can really go from “not great” to bad very quickly if we don’t make sure to stay on top of our own feelings.

Keep your angels close, every day. Even if you don’t feel like talking to them, just ask them to enfold you in their light, so that you keep those lines of communication open. This will help you to feel better, as well as help prevent negative energy from getting a foothold in your sphere.

None of us are safe from the darkness. It likes to find us when we’re weak and exploit whatever it is that has us down. We need to make sure to keep our hearts open to our Divine Guidance, and our eyes fixed on our Path of Light – that’s the only way that even the best of us keep from getting dragged down.

Tell me, when you feel things getting a little bleak in your mind, how do you lift yourself out of it?