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higher self ascended masterTake your connection with your Higher Self to the Next Level

Take a moment to imagine how it would feel to never be stuck, confused, or under-confident again. See in your mind’s eye how different your life would be if you could gain access to all the answers you need whenever you needed them. You could say “I KNOW what is best for me!” with utter conviction, and not have the opinions of others eroding your confidence on a daily basis. No more looking outside yourself for validation.

Getting in touch with your Higher Self is a crucial part of upleveling your life and evolving as a woman. The meditation is going to take you a long way toward that, but to really make it stick, it’s best to be able to record your experiences and have prompts to initiate really deep conversations with your Higher Self.

That’s why there is the Higher Self journal and prompt set. PLEASE NOTE: This is a different set of prompts than you get with the “Sigiling for a Higher Life” set! This is meant as an addition that will take you even further and deeper into this work.

The journal is a PDF that you can print out and use to keep track of your meetings with your Higher Self, so you never forget what She tells you, and you can watch how your relationship with her evolves over time. The prompts are emailed to you each day so that every day you have a reminder to get in touch with Her and start integrating her into your daily life.

self love self care(By the way, 13 is a number that means the female ascended masters and goddesses are with you! Fitting!)

Jump in with me, and let’s get you in touch with the oldest, wisest part of yourself that can give you all the answers you seek!

— Lindsey Rainwater

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