Why aren’t you talking to your Higher Self? Why isn’t she in your mind every minute of the day, giving advice and providing a compass for you to live by? What is keeping you from turning to her more often?

For some, it may be that you don’t know HOW to get in touch with her. That is definitely an issue, because women worry they aren’t “doing it right.” (If that is the case, I have a free meditation that will really come in handy. See button at the bottom of this post.)

But a lot of the time – in fact, I would venture to say MOST of the time for anyone who knows about their Higher Self – it’s fear.

We are afraid of our Higher Selves, because we’re never sure what she’s going to say next.

For the last week, I’ve felt really stuck and frustrated. I’ve been trying to think, plan, write . . . and I kept coming up empty. I even slid on the housework (worse than usual! My husband ran out of underwear! Oops.) The harder I tried to open up, the worse it got, and I realized that I was living in my head instead of my spirit.

Then I gave it a couple days of relaxing – trying to ease back into the flow and Channeling. But even that wasn’t working. So I reached a point of “Seriously? What the fuck? Where did everybody go?” Knowing full well that my Crew didn’t go anywhere. I was the problem, but I couldn’t seem to see what the problem was.

Finally, a ray of light got through, and it turned into a flood of understanding. I saw a video talking about Lady Gaga of all things on FB, and I decided to watch it. Regardless of how you feel about her, you have to admit that Lady Gaga is a woman who has truly touched her Higher Self and integrated that into her life and work. And while she didn’t put it in those words, that was what the video was about.

I found myself crying as I watched it, and it was like something opened up in my chest, and there’s Tempest, feeling all the feelings and waiting for me to talk to her.

I realized that I had shut her away again. Keeping her out and in the forefront of my mind and life takes effort. It’s like anything else. When we’ve been conditioned to keep that “weird” side of ourselves locked away so nobody has to deal with it, it’s not easy to keep it out and in view of everyone.

I had shut her away, and I started asking why. Why would I do that, when I know she’s the best version of me? When I want to show other women how to have a personal relationship with their own Higher Selves? And when I know perfectly well that she’s the one who knows what the hell we’re doing and why?

Because I was afraid. Because change is frightening, and Tempest represents everything changing. Because I’m critical of myself, and the idea of my Higher Self being critical of me was hard to stand.

But you know what? As I rolled these thoughts through my mind and realized his little sense they made, she said, “I’m a badass. Not a hardass. I’m only ever as tough on you as I need to be to get you moving in the right direction. My job is to build you up, never tear you down.”

So I realized that so often, it’s simply fear that keeps up from embracing that side of ourselves. But I thought it was always fear of what OTHERS would think. Or maybe fear of the changes that integrating our Higher Self inevitably brings. But sometimes it’s fear of our own criticism, because we are so hard on ourselves.

But when we bring the Higher Self into our sphere, we no longer have to be hard on ourselves. We know who we are and what we’re doing, and we know how to get there. And even if we don’t feel like we have a 100% grip on what we’re doing, we know it’s going to work out as long as we keep trusting that best version of us.

Release your fear of your Higher Self. Trust that she knows what she’s doing, and that she wants you to be complete and happy. Her role is not to criticize you, but to give you loving (if occasionally jarring) boosts in the right direction.

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