Ok . . . maybe not completely fearlessly, to be honest. And maybe not DIVING, because diving has always scared me – but jumping in with both feet, for sure.

I’ve hedged about it a lot, because let’s face it – that hole is dark, and deep, and we really don’t know where it leads or how far it goes. We don’t know who or what we’re going to encounter once we commit to the venture, and that is scary.

We also know that once we go in, there’s no turning back.

But at the same time, I think most of us have found ourselves at this very spot. We know that there is a world of unknowns that direction, but we also know that our True Path, our Divine Mission is that way as well. Both scare us – because our Mission is often frightening as well, simply due to the fact that it is big, and it is important. We often feel far too small for our Mission.

Many never move from here, unfortunately. They just stand there, staring down the rabbit hole, listening to the wondrous sounds and marveling at the glimpses of utter magic that lie just beyond, but too unsure of themselves to hop in and see where it takes them.

Tweet: We often stand at the edge of the rabbit hole, yearning to dive in, and cursing ourselves for not having the courage to. http://ctt.ec/W7oAG+

Our egos get loud when we find ourselves at the edge of the hole. So do other energies and entities that don’t want us to explore the Divine Mission that we have in this lifetime. Voices crawl out of the murky places between our ears, telling us that we aren’t good enough, we’re not qualified . . . they ask who we think we are to dream of changing the world for the better. That we’re just one person, and just one person can’t take it all on.

Those voices tell us that we’re doing something wrong, selfish, or even shameful, and we should be repentant. They gasp and whisper “What WILL your family think?” all while conjuring images of the most judgmental or conservative members of that family.

Finally, we are told it can’t be done. You can’t follow that dream, there’s too much competition already. You can’t do this while holding down a full-time job. You can’t do that, you have a family to attend to. You can’t work your dreams into your life – that’s why they’re called dreams.

And so we falter, feeling faint and restless at the edge of the rabbit hole. Wishing these urges to dive in would go away, and yet cursing ourselves for not having the courage to just go for it.

It’s an ugly scenario that many of us find ourselves in, and it really needs to stop. This year is the year for making those leaps as fearlessly as possible, and trusting that we will be supported in all the ways we need.

I did a Hangout on this topic today, and I invite you to check it out – I give a lot of thoughts on the energy of 2015 and how to best handle it. (Look at the end of the post!)

There’s a lot in there about what kicked this blog post off, but I’ll still cover it here as well. Basically, since the new year my angels have made it abundantly clear that I’m supposed to be doing past life work with people.

Part of me wigged out, my argument being that that is new and scary territory that I am NOT well-versed in. Their reaction was to say “No it isn’t, and yes you are. Just check.”

I did an internal check to discover that they were right! I seemed to have an inherent knowledge of how to unveil past lives for others and help them to release anything from those lives that didn’t serve them. I wondered how that could be possible, since I’ve never really done specific research on the process of regression, and my angels responded, “You have to ask that?”

Ahh . . . irony! Gotta love it.

Nevertheless, delving into past life work IS scary, for many reasons. The same reasons why it’s scary to become a crystal healer, psychic, or even just to give up one “normal” or “successful” job, for one that truly makes you happy. Your brain yells that you’re not up to the task, your family looks at you sideways (or you think they do,) and you fear not being able to make enough money doing what you are Called to do.

But here’s something to think about . . . sometimes, when you stop resisting the things you’re being Called to do, interest starts being garnered, and doors begin opening that you weren’t expecting.

For example, I’ve been trying to offer a lot of different things in my business – I know they’re great ideas, and that people need them, but for the most part I got crickets. Nobody showed up, and I couldn’t figure out what the deal was. But I wanted to help people, and every day working on my business felt like pushing a rock up a hill.

But then, the second I started talking about past life work – even when it was kind of just me sticking my toe in to see what kind of reaction people would even have to the idea – people started saying “Let me know as soon as you do! I want a regression!”

Now that I’m jumping into this with both feet and refusing to be afraid of what may or may not come, and trusting that this is the right path, and that good things are going to come to me, suddenly it’s like a flood of interest and support is coming my way.

In fact, I was even attacked for the first time today by someone, and while I brushed it off, I still thanked the Universe for showing me that the energy I’m moving around is making an impact, even if not everyone is taking it the way I’d like them to. (You have to find ways to be thankful, even for things like that.)

So, I invite you to leap down the rabbit hole with me, and explore what it may be that you’ve been Called to do, but have been resisting. What is it? Why are you resisting it? What can you do to shake off that resistance and gain confidence in yourself? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

And please stay tuned, as there are a lot of changes coming to the site and this blog as I launch my “Past Life Journeys” offers. I look forward to having you along with me on this adventure. 🙂

(Here’s the link to the Hangout from today – sorry about the weird-ass look on my face! I’m dying of laughter right now!)