Those were the words that I snarled into the silence of my house earlier. Feeling like I just wanted to break things and feel something hurting.

“Everything I do is CRAP.”

It felt good to say it out loud, because it was a release of the thoughts that have been building up for weeks.

And as soon as I gave it that release – its own little space in the Universe – it seemed to not feel so true. In fact, I could really see through the bullshit that was this thought, and it made me wonder how it had come to reside in my head.

It didn’t take long to realize that I had not been living as my Higher Self for a long time. Even though I KNOW the importance of it, I had slipped and fallen back into old patterns. Instead of feeling into the person I wanted to be and knew I was capable of being, I let myself be stressed out and anxious.

There were many reasons for this. One, it’s familiar. Two, I was believing a story that “My Higher Self wouldn’t have gotten pregnant on accident.” These things dragged my attention away from what was important, and I let them.

When you find yourself hating on your life, your work, your decisions, and when you know that what you’re thinking isn’t what is true, check in . . . when was the last time you really stepped into your Higher Self?

She doesn’t feel these things. If something is wrong, she simply course-corrects and carries on, because she can handle whatever life brings your way. So when you feel like life is attacking and you’re overwhelmed, you’ve taken the controls from your Higher Self and let fear take over.

Give her the controls back and step into her. You’ll stop feeling like you create crap. You’ll once again see your work for the magical, world-changing thing it is, and she’ll help you get your momentum back.

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