Hey Mom, how magical is your life?spiritual practices for moms

A common lament I hear from other Moms is that they would like their lives to be more magical, or they want more spiritual practices in their daily routine, but they don’t feel they have time to make that happen.

I’ll admit, it can be difficult to work rituals and practices into your life – especially if you don’t have someone to guide you and support you as you find your way with it.

But having these rituals, practices, and habits is SO important that I really can’t even begin to explain it. It is easy to “get lost” in being a Mom. As “Mom” you are everything to everyone. You are cook, maid, nurse, chauffeur, teacher, coach, cheerleader, secretary, planner . . . and a dozen more things at least. There is also a good chance that you have a career, whether that is outside the home or you’re an entrepreneur, and there’s also a chance you have a role as wife or girlfriend!

We have a shit-load of stuff on our plates! I live it every day and I’m still not sure how we manage all of it! For those of you with more than one child, you’re freaking WONDERWOMAN.

These lives of ours are wonderful – I believe most of us would call our lives and children blessings 90% of the time or more.

But here’s the rub . . . being a mom requires a lot of output. We pour out love, worry, joy, and all this other energy, and we take on a lot of energy that isn’t ours in the process, and it is EXHAUSTING. When we get exhausted, we can’t keep up the output of energy that is asked of us. But we do it anyway, and we become more exhausted, but we just keep pouring out these things . . .

Until there’s nothing left.

Then what?

The problem we face is that we have the busiest most demanding careers in the world, being “Mom.” But we usually don’t give ourselves the time and care to replenish our energy so that we can continue giving to those we love. This is when burnout, confusion, and even resentment can start creeping in.

As a new mom I have experienced all the crappy emotions that come with this territory, along with one of the worst ones – GUILT. After you snap at your family (whether it’s out loud or in your head) you feel so guilty about it. These are the people you love, and your life is wonderful, so where do you get off being bitchy like that? This goes through my head occasionally, and I have yet to meet a mom who hasn’t gone there.

meditation for momsWhile it’s probably impossible to eliminate that completely, we CAN give ourselves ways to re-energize and replenish so that we can put energy into the things that matter to us.

You have probably heard the phrase “You can’t serve from an empty vessel.” Some people think that’s cheesy, but it’s so true, and I can’t think of a better way to put it. You can’t take the best care of your family, life, and the things you love if you are running on empty.

When you take care of yourself, you empower yourself to conquer the things you want to conquer, and nurture the rest. 😉

This is why I have created this program – because I know what it is to be a drained and frazzled mom who needs more magic in her life (and I do this professionally!)

So here’s what we’re doing . . .

You are hereby invited and asked to join me and other busy moms for networking and support. You will gain access to weekly phone calls that will show you different and fun ways to add magic and spirituality into your life. You will have the opportunity to ask questions on the calls with me and our super-magical guests, and you will also be added to an exclusive Facebook group where you will meet and mingle with other women who are like-minded.

Of course, I will also be in the group offering advice, support, and feedback daily!

I have found this kind of support and community really nurtures our ability to gain the confidence we need to reclaim a slice of our lives and make it about us.

Self-care and spirituality is not selfish, but it is easier planned than done!cord cutting cords

Please join in with this group coaching, and let me help you find the practical practices that will make you feel like your life is overflowing with magic!

Grab Your Spot Now!

I really want to see you empowering yourself by investing in creating magical practices that make your heart and soul happy!

Please jump into this community right away so we can start sharing ideas and tips to make a magical life happen for you ASAP. I’m looking forward to meeting you!