I’m noticing a trend toward choosing a “word” for each year. Maybe it’s been going on for a while, and I just haven’t keyed on it until the last couple years, but this is the first year that it seems to be such a big thing.

I think it’s a great idea, actually – know that up front. Setting a word for your year seems like a very simple and effective way to set an intention for your year, and setting an intention is the best way to make things happen for you.

But choosing the RIGHT word is very important. You can’t just toss a word out because you think it sounds good, and expect the right things to happen – which is what I’m worried most people do, because it’s what I did last year. And I totally screwed myself over.

Last year I chose “epic” for my word. And honestly, nothing about 2014 felt epic. It wasn’t a bad year (especially compared to some of my friends who couldn’t seem to catch a break,) and a lot of good things happened. I found out I was pregnant, we moved to a new town that we absolutely love, I got a business coach I love, and we got a lot of fantastic ideas and plans going that will give us a life we desire. But nothing EPIC happened.

I chose the word epic out of desperation. I desperately wanted things to become epic, because I didn’t like where life was at the time. There were so many things that were far from ideal, and I felt really stuck in my head and heart. So I grabbed at this word that I was hoping would pull me out of this place where I was. But it wasn’t the right word, and by partway through the year, thinking about that word made me frustrated because I was missing the mark by so far.

But I’ll say that there is nothing wrong with choosing “epic” as a word – my friend Jenny chose “epic” as her word this year, and it makes perfect sense. She is in a great spot to bring epic energy into her life, because she’s already rocking herself and her brand, and is about to launch a new book. I would recommend reading her post on “Epic” at her blog HERE.

So I won’t say that you shouldn’t choose certain words, because it’s more about choosing a word that is actually in alignment with where you are and what you need.

This year, for 2015, I chose two words. A friend brought up the idea of the yearly word on Facebook. I was cruising through the words everyone else chose, thinking about what word would suit this year well, and I heard a clear whisper in my mind saying “peace, and confidence.” It took a second for that to sink in, because I was thinking about how everybody else was picking these exciting words that gave an impression for motion, of things happening, of big changes! And these two words weren’t anything like that.

I heard it again, louder. “Peace. Confidence.”

So at this point I knew better than to argue, so instead I said, “Ok. Why those words?”

“If you create peace and confidence, everything else you desire will follow.”

Well, kinda hard to have any sort of retort to that!

We’re only a few days into 2015, and I can already see where these words are coming into play for me. Everything from some big business shifts that I’m being Directed to make, but I don’t feel big enough for – so they keep whispering to me about confidence – all the way to my baby shower which I am stressed out about because parties aren’t my thing to start with – so they keep reminding me to hold peace in my heart and mind.

That’s gotten me thinking a few times about what could have happened if I had chosen the wrong word or words for this year. I’d be spinning my wheels again, trying to find the right direction and failing. And the worst part would be that I would have really cut down on my angel’s ability to help me, since if I’d chosen the wrong word, they would be having a difficult time showing me WHY this is important, and where it fits in to my life.

So, before we get any further into 2015, I’d like you to pause for a minute and think about your word for 2015. Did you choose one? Whether you have one yet or not, I encourage you to spend some time dwelling on it, and ask if it is really the right word for you. Was it divinely inspired, or was it just something you chose because it sounded good at the time?

Allow your Sources to weigh in on this, and give you suggestions. They know what you truly need this year, and it may not be what you think.

I thought I should go for something like “abundance” because that is what I want to create this year. But obviously my Sources have different ideas and plans, and I trust them to know what is best for me.

Tell me about your word for 2015!