She’s patiently waiting for her turn. And if you listen, her heart-whispers get louder and louder each day. It’s time to let go of being who everyone else said you should be and step into the bad bitch you were, literally, born to be.

We all have inner storms. But those storms can rage out of control when we don’t let our inner bad bitches take over. Because they have the answers. They hold our truths. They slice through all outside noise that clouds our hearts and eyes.

She needs to be heard.

And I’m here to give her the hand she needs to step out of your shadows and into her white hot spotlight. Forever.

I adore having Lindsey as a go-to for all my mystic answers. And I need a lot of them. Being new to tarot and all that woo shiz, it helps so much to be able to get answers when I need them. So glad she made this available!

Tania Dakka

Lindsey had an uncanny way of tapping into the direct line of your spirit guides, to give you the EXACT information you need to move forward with clarity and confidence. I highly recommend working with her!

Tiffany Jolly

I am notoriously hard to read for, and I was blown away! This reading agreed with everything I’ve been seeing in my own cards, but I’ve been second guessing myself because of outside pressures and circumstances.

L. A. Bishop