It’s so crazy when you let go and just let things happen in your mind. When you shut down that voice that tells you you’re doing to much – thinking way too big right now. That crappy-ass voice that tells you to slow down and be reasonable really has no place in our world.

Because I let go earlier. I was so tired of it, and I just opened my mind to all the possibilities. I Listened, even though I was nowhere near a calm state, not expecting anything to come in besides comforting words.

And what shows up in my head? A complete layout for a 12-month membership site. I don’t want to get too far into what it is right now, but suffice it to say it’s detailed and complex.

Talk about a big idea . . . but it’s all there – laid out so clearly in my head.

The fearful little voice piped up again and tried to convince me that this idea was out of reach – WAY too big to tackle right now. But that presence that always hovers by my shoulder shook its head and said, “No. It’s all right here. It’s already in your head. There is no reason why this can’t fly right now.”

Do I already have a ton of stuff to do? Yes. I guess I just need to get a better grip on my time management. 🙂