Uncage Her.

Live wildly untamed AS her.



Mom didn’t like your choice of husbands.

But you do.

Dad thought you should have been more ladylike.

But you LOVE letting your toughness show.

As a result? You’re stuck living a life trying to make everyone else happy.

Except you.

Undo the opinions of others.

Shatter the emotions you carry around that everyone else has pounded into your heart.

Own the part of you that you feel stirring in your soul every time you scroll past a “warrior” post on Facebook.

You were not put on this Earth to be kept asunder by people who don’t “get” you. You weren’t put here to do the bidding of those around you.

You were put here to seek and fulfill the joy that makes your soul so insanely happy that you can’t HELP but want to help others.

That’s what your Inner Bad Bitch has been trying to tell you. Your Inner Bad Bitch isn’t some random part of you. She’s your Higher Self. And she’s more in tuned to what you want than YOU are.

So all that nudging?

That’s what your Higher Self has been begging you for: Happiness. Freedom. Peace.

She wants the best for you and you feel that moving in you.

You feel her wanting to let you own who you really are.

And you will.

As soon as you allow yourself to let her take the reigns, the life you’ve dreamt of? Will begin to create itself.

But this is all soooo easy, right?

Not so much.

It turns out guilt and other negative emotions are deeply rooted in you, so getting her to come out isn’t as easy as it sounds.

That’s why I created the Inner Bad Bitch Immersion Program.

I was feeling blocked, completely blocked, from everything. I couldn’t hear or see my Crew. I couldn’t see past a big ass door in my head. And she told me exactly how to fix it. She told me how to get my Crew involved and we smashed it. Lindsey knows her shit. And is a powerful Higher Self connector.

Tania Dakka

In the next 30 days, you and I will:

Learn to allow your Higher Self, your Inner Bad Bitch, to take over when she nudges you, so you have fewer regret and less guilt to manage.

Master what her voice sounds like and what fear sounds like so you avoid getting them confused.

Unlock the keys to meditations that open up entire universes between the two of you so you can learn to call her in any time you need her.

Release everything that has tried to squelch who you are so you can live free and at peace with yourself, finally.

Live a life built on the dreams you never thought would come true because you didn’t think you’d ever be free of other people’s baggage, or your own.

The How

This is a 30-Day Intensive. That means:

– 4 – 45 minute calls via Skype so we can establish just who your Higher Self is and the best way to pull her out
– Daily email homework to keep you focused and driven during this Immersion
– Unlimited email support because during something like this, questions and events will arise daily and I’m here to support you through them
– Exclusive meditations to help you master dropping in on your Inner Bad Bitch (eventually at will!)
– PDF content to help you understand your Inner Bad Bitch and learning to LIVE as her
– And a journal, like a real one, specially chosen for you and mailed to you so you can keep up with all the magnificent changes and how to maintain that life after we’re done

Your Inner Bad Bitch is itching to come out, not to make your life hard, but to make it everything it’s supposed to be. So, at the end of our 30 days together, what you will have is:

– Bulletproof confidence so that nothing stands in your way anymore
– An unwavering ability to stand up for what YOU believe
– An unquenchable thirst to make YOU a priority so taking care of others becomes EASY and fulfilling
– A need to live life to its absolute BEST, allowing you to soak up EVERYTHING you were meant to do/be/have
– An uncanny knowledge of how to handle situations that will inevitably arise and make you want to run or pound someone in the face, so that no jail time is involved, yet you get the satisfaction of the most appropriate response
– A tapped-into intuition that guides your every decision, so they are the RIGHT decisions for you and your best interests
– The ability to tap into her daily, on-the-fly, and at your will, so if a shit day shows its head, you have the tools to flip it and make it yours

A LIFE that fills you up and makes you want to live it to its ABSOLUTE fullest every fucking day.

I’m Lindsey Rainwater, Higher Self Integration Specialist and Inner Storm Intuitive.

And I have lived as you have. Only maybe a little differently. I’ve always been a sensitive. I’ve always known I was different (although, when you’re younger, “off” is a more appropriate word). I’ve always had experiences with beings I didn’t understand.

But the Inner Storm I had to go through is what made me who I am today: A guide for sensitives who need help connecting with who and what they are.

When you’re a sensitive, life is different. You feel things no one else feels. You SEE things no one else sees. And because you do, you end up feeling isolated. Alone. And that, my friend, is the worst feeling in the world…even for an introvert.

So as I grew up, I began to understand my own Inner Storm. MY Higher Self came to me often. I didn’t know who she was at first, but once all of this became clear, I knew I had to work on letting her live through me, as she was supposed to.

It was not an easy process, though, mainly because I was alone and being a sensitive wasn’t as accepted as it is today. But I pushed through it.

And what I have as a result of letting my Inner Bad Bitch take over my life is a life that I navigate with ease and grace (maybe after the trigger hits me for a minute, but I balance out), a family that I feel at home in, and a business that allows me to be for others who I needed for myself when I was going through this change.

You’ve heard the nudges. You’ve felt the heart-whispers. It’s time to let her out. It’s time to let her play.

It’s time to immerse yourself in your
Inner Bad Bitch and change the game. Forever.

Live wildly untamed. Live unapologetically. Live your Inner Bad

Unleash the Bad Bitch!

Let’s do this. Right here. Right now.

Make the decision to find that Inner Bad Bitch and bring her to the world so that you can live a freer, fuller life.

Ready or not, World . . . here She comes . . .

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There has never been a better time to do this than right now.