Angels really do make the best therapists. It probably sounds funny, but it is true. The reason for this is that your Angels are around you 24/7 – there is nothing that you do that they are not privy to.

This idea really weirds some people out, because they’re disturbed by the idea of there always being something there watching you. But if you believe in the divine then you have to come to terms with the fact that you are basically under surveillance all the time.

But our Angels never judge us. They are simply there to support and help us.

What some people don’t seem to know is that your personal Angels are aware of what’s going on in your head at all times. This is because God has given them this ability. God knows what’s going on in your mind, and he makes sure that your personal Angels do as well. This is so that they have all the information possible at any given time in order to help you the best they can.

That being said, any being who has access to all of your thoughts is going to know you better then you may even know yourself.

You can lie to yourself. But you can’t lie to your Angels.

Some people might find this prospect frightening – that there’s no hiding from these beings. But if you’re willing to work with them it’s a real blessing, since they can help you cut right to the heart of issues, as well as release programming, lies, and half-truths that you’ve been telling yourself.

Something else that Angels apparently do on a fairly regular basis it seems, is to dig out sides of you that you have tried to bury, ignore, or neglect to death, and bring them back to the surface. Occasionally they may do this if they feel that there is an issue that needs to be confronted, but I think that more often than not the Angels do this because they feel that you have a gift or important personality traits that you don’t utilize enough. You may feel that it’s annoying or weird, but the Angels know that you were given it for a reason, and they’re tired of you hiding under a bushel.

I’ll explain where this all started in a post tomorrow, but for now, I want to hear from you. Have you ever had a time in your life where your Angels helped you release programming or a lie that you were telling yourself, or that you allowed yourself to believe?