This is my life . . .

My mind got going so very fast, and there’s so. Much. NOISE. Good and bad. It just keeps coming, and I try to keep up. I Listen, and I work until I think something in me is going to shatter.

Then it hurts, and I freeze up – which just makes everything worse. So I close my eyes and go to that place inside me where everything actually happens.

Suddenly I’m in a white void, hands clamped over my ears even though it doesn’t do me a damn bit of good (the noise is inside my head, after all) and I turn to the other being there with me.

There are no words for the torment of all that noise in your mind. It gets to a point where you think you’ll go crazy.

But I look at the angel standing there – in my head – in his gray robes with his face mostly hidden. And all he does is lift a finger to his lips and say “Shhhhh . . .”

Suddenly there is utter silence, and then music. A song that I haven’t heard in years starts playing in the now-quiet of my mind, and the meaning is so clear. I’m here for a reason – I need to keep my eyes firmly fixed on that.

I open my eyes, and I’m back to knowing exactly what I should be doing. Because God gave me a mission, and thankfully, angels to help keep me on it.

The song that was playing in my head . . . (Christian band, so no questionable lyrics or anything – just if you’re curious.) 🙂