Today I closed my eyes for a moment and allowed everything to be shut out. I’ve been working on sliding easily into a state of relaxation and being open to the communications from my angels.

Almost instantly I felt as though I was falling backward into empty space. It made me smile to realize that this is a sensation that I’ve gotten used to – for a while there it would inevitably startle me and I’d yank myself back into my body.

But now I just let it happen, and I enjoy it. I fell, and sank deep inside myself as I felt my body drift away for a moment. It was just a moment – I didn’t actually mean for it to happen right then, sitting at my computer . . .

I think the reason it did happen is that I’m feeling stressed and conflicted. A couple weeks ago everything seemed so clear. My Purpose was unfolding in front of my eyes, and I had angels asking me to help them spread messages of healing and love. But I let myself get busy, and the lines of communication closed, and when I thought about those projects I think I panicked a little. I was worried that I wasn’t listening, and that I was neglecting my Path (which I’m sure I am, but I’m working on it.)

Everything was going too fast through my mind, so I closed my eyes and when I exhaled I fell into that place deep inside myself where things start to make sense again.

I was drawn there because I needed to be reminded of my Path, and what the angels (and God) need me to do. A presence was there with me, and I felt a hand rest on my chest, over my heart. For a second I thought I was going to cry because of the calm that washed over me, but the angel didn’t want me to cry. There was a message there too, even though I didn’t hear words – it was like he was saying “I have you and I’m not going to let go.” It was comforting, to say the least.

Then the moment was over, I opened my eyes, and while I was no longer floating, I could still feel a pressure on my chest like someone was holding me.

It was a reminder . . . a request to get back to what I was working on a week ago and continue on with the angelic projects I have been charged with. Also, the fear I was dealing with whenever I thought about these projects and what they meant is gone. As though the angel took it away when he touched me.

Have you had any experiences like this? Where a strong, pure presence caught you and assured you that you were being watched over? I want to hear about it . . .