So often when I’m talking to people about spiritual and paranormal experiences, they will tell me that they came to it on accident. They’re often expecting a weird look or some level of skepticism, but I get it!

I really do, because that’s what most of my life has been like. I didn’t PLAN to experience any of it, yet here it is.

Even my Higher Self work started with an unexpected experience.

I was doing a manifesting meditation during a group challenge – more for fun than anything, and as we were going through it, I was suddenly “pulled away.” We were supposed to be talking to our Intuition, but I found myself in a clearing in a forest.

It was REAL. I could smell the trees and damp earth, and hear the sounds of a forest.

As I stood there, another version of me stepped out from behind a tree. She had nailed the “etheric and vaguely threatening” look that I strive for. She was a better version of myself.

This isn’t to knock who I was then in “real life” or who I am now. She is just fitter, better dressed, and seriously gives zero fucks. Her hair was red with black tips, and she was wearing a headdress that made it look like a cascade of gems was caught in her hair. She also wore a black corseted dress that I was envious of (and it was completely out-of-place in those woods, which lended extra strangeness to this situation.)

She was holding a sword, and as she walked over to hand it to me said, “About time you exercised your dominion over the Universe.”

I didn’t say anything, but I was thinking “Uhhh . . . wut?” (Super smart moment here.)

“We’ve been here all along” she said, weaving in and out of the trees in figure-8 motions, “fingers in the energies of the cosmos, but you keep running from it.” The forest around us was coming to life with animals. Some of them standard forest creatures such as a doe and buck, and a snowy owl, but then there were three ravens, and a black jaguar prowling in the shadows.

We went over a few of the questions still going in the meditation (they seemed to be coming from far away.) She told me “Be seen. Be heard. Get clear on what you’re offering. Make an offer.”

She turned to me and said “Your awesome switch is permanently on now. No trying to switch it back.” (This had to do with a conversation from the previous day.)

A light appeared between her hands, and she stretched it into a mirror. She showed me my reflection, and I could see the potential in myself to be this better version of myself. Suddenly, I WAS that better version. The mirror was in my own hands, and as I looked into it I realized that the sword she’d given me was now on my hip, and there was a small lilac-colored dragon curled around my neck, along with a large, darker one behind/beside me.

My reflection whispered “You know what to do. Go do it.”

Then I popped back into “reality.”

This is where the whole thing started, realizing that the Higher Self is not a nebulous idea. It is something real that can be contacted, talked to, and almost touched.

One of the first things I did after this experience was to go through my closet and donate a BUNCH of clothes that I’d been hanging onto. I had so much stuff that I “might fit back into someday” (hint: this will just create a vibration of low-level annoyance in your energy) and that were nice items, but that I didn’t love. I got rid of probably half of my clothes because they were not something this Higher Self version of me would wear.

Then I went and got my hair dyed red with black tips, bringing that version of me into the real world where everyone can see it.

I now check in/integrate that part of myself every time I shop. That way I know I’m only buying stuff I really LOVE, and that is going to bring myself ever closer to the life I want to live.

This is the Higher Self. This is LIVING as your HS. For me, she is Tempest – which is the name I was given by a psychic a long time ago “That’s your Spirit Self’s name.” (Which honestly, at the time, sounded NUTS, even to me. The Journey is fun.)

For you, she will take a different form, and a different name. But she will be confident, wonderful, and fabulous. Learning to integrate her will change your life in ways you can’t even anticipate yet.

If you haven’t picked up the HS meditation, head here and pick it up! Then head to my FB group and let me know what your experience was!

Talk to you soon!