Leverage Your Intuition and Love Your Gifts

Do you ever wish that you could tap into that part of you that just seems to “know” things? How often have you wished that you had listened to a feeling, small voice, or “hunch” that told you one thing, but you did another only to have less-than-stellar results? Or do you know someone who listens to their intuition all the time, and you would like to be able to leverage that innate knowing for yourself?

Your Intuition is a powerful tool, and you can learn to use it! Everybody has Intuition, and it’s like a muscle – the more you use it and practice with it, the stronger and more powerful it gets.

I would like to see everyone using their Intuition more, which is why I created the “Discover Your Intuition” package. In this package you will receive a printable PDF with pointers on how to exercise your intuition daily, and prompts that will help you to integrate your intuition into various aspects of your life. You will also gain access to a meditation that will help you to open up your Intuition so you can start utilizing it.

You can get this package for free by filling out the opt-in form to the right. Be sure to use your best email address to be sure that you get the email with the download links!

Thank you for your interest in expanding your Intuition, and I look forward to facilitating this journey for you.



Lindsey has the ability to see through so much more in a situation than most. Her connection to the angels is truly a divine gift and her insight is here as a gift to us all. I feel truly blessed to know her and to have a connection with her. I trust her implicitly and have allowed her to guide me through several instances in my life. She is very unassuming and is able to dig deep into issues and bring them to light, making any situation easy to confront. The hope that she gives others is something that everyone needs. Cindy E., California

I ordered a Celtic Cross reading from Lindsey, and I have to say this is the best reading I’ve had in a long time. The results were very detailed and specific, and I got answers to additional questions I had but didn’t ask. I will definitely be getting readings from her in the future. Saranna D., Kansas

Lindsey was so nice to give me a card reading that really nailed it. Love the way she explained the meaning of each card. And just to prove how accurate the reading was, one of this cards she gave me was explained in detail by another reader the next day. Definitely aligned with the angels! Thanks a lot Lindsey, you are on the right path. Gissela M., FL